Incest Captions

This is a tumblr for images that have incest captions either added into the image, or added to the caption on tumblr.

All the people in images are assumed to be eighteen years of age at time that the photograph was taken. If you disagree with any of the images, contact me and I can take it down.

These captioned images are all fiction, and incestcaptions.tumblr does NOT condone incest relationships in real life with anyone bar two consenting adults.

I try hard to find good quality images to use. If you have found an image that you think could work, want to submit your own, or anything of that nature, feel free to send it to me. Please make sure you are eighteen or over if you do send me images of yourself.

"Oh, shit! Dad! What are you doing here?! This isn’t what it looks like! You’re not going to tell mum…are you?
Please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want! Wash the car every day, do your laundry…

Maybe you shouldn’t go just yet though. With that tent in your trousers, mum will surely get suspicious. I can help you get rid of it, if you like? Promise not to tell mum though?”

"Don’t worry daddy, Sam and Liz know they’re not herejustfor a skeepover, I told them that you were interested in fucking them and they were more than happy to come over - they almost ran right over here after I told them - and we were in the middle of class! But then, after all I’ve told them about you fucking me, who wouldn’t? So, do you want us one at a time, or do you think you can handle your baby girl and her two friends all at once, hehe?"

"Yeah, we’ve been fine here, don’t worry about us mum. No! Aw…come on dad! Oh…it’s nothing mum, just dad still taking embarrasing photos with his new camera. Alright, well, we’ll see you in a few days. Love you!"

"You better not let mum or my boyfriend see those photos! I don’t even want tot hink what’d happen if they knew we sunbathed topless infront of our daddy, and I don’t think he would want to think about that either; not that we would mind, we’re both old enough, we would both chose to live with you after the divorce!"

"I can’t believe how many guys have just been staring at me! Come on dad, can we find somewhere quieter to go? I really dont want to get undressed any more with so many creeps about - and I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone elses eyes perving over your daughter right? Someone getting off on what you fuck without your permission?"

"Mmmmmhm, oooh daddy! I can’t wait for you to feel Beth’s tongue! She certainly knows how to fucking use it!"

"*slurrrp* Daddy! My pussy is open you know, you don’t have to just *slurpslurp* sit there and watch me eat sis out, or wait for my permission! I’m already *slurrrp* dripping wet thinking about your cock, so just fuck me already! I need it!"

"Hey dad! Is that you? Would you mind going into my room and getting my vibrator for me? I’m feeling kind of horny. You know, the vibrating one would be very nice right now; and make sure it’s waterproof.

Actually…you know what, mum’s not home, is she?

Real cocks are so much better than fake ones - and with mum around so much recently, I’ve been aching to feel my daddy’s big thick cock in me? Maybe we can…share the shower? Be economical and enviromentally friendly too? Hehe!”

"See daddy, I got all A’s on my report card! You said you’d get me that vibrator I wanted if I did, remember?

Aww, don’t look at me like that, you know I wouldn’t want to use it all on my own! I haven’t forgotten our agreement either - where you get to watch me doing whatever you want me to do, maybe we should let that include touching too? I kind of like that idea.”

"…But dad…won’t we get in trouble for that? No I don’t have a problem with you looking…fine, you can, but tell me if any librarians come - I don’t want to get arrested for this, even if you are my father. Actaully, that might make people think that’s worse! Whatever, you know I don’t care about you seeing."

"I dunno, I think my tits could be a cup or two bigger, I wouldn’t say they’re that bad, but wouldn’t you prefer to play with slightly bigger ones?”

Mhmmm, daddy, come home soon. I don’t know how much longer I can last without your cock in me, even my fingers can only sustain me for so long! even just thinking about fucking my daddy makes my pussy as wet as hell.”

"Mmmhm? God that was a long sleep…we’re not there yet are we? Just at another service station again?

Mhmm, I’m feeling a little horny. If we’re going to stop for awhile, what do you say we have a little fun? I’f use my vibrators, but they’re in the back - and plus, I much prefer your thick hard cock to them.

There aren’t many people around here at the moment - what do you say we just do it now? I mean, I doubt I could wait to find us some toilets, and can’t be bothered to throw on a bra - people would realise what we’re doing if we tried that.”