Incest Captions

This is a tumblr for images that have incest captions either added into the image, or added to the caption on tumblr.

All the people in images are assumed to be eighteen years of age at time that the photograph was taken. If you disagree with any of the images, contact me and I can take it down.

These captioned images are all fiction, and incestcaptions.tumblr does NOT condone incest relationships in real life with anyone bar two consenting adults.

I try hard to find good quality images to use. If you have found an image that you think could work, want to submit your own, or anything of that nature, feel free to send it to me. Please make sure you are eighteen or over if you do send me images of yourself.

"Come on daddy, put down that camera, you don’t want to keep your little baby girl all horny, do you?

Mhmm, your cum always feels so amazing dripping inside my pussy. I just wish we didn’t always have to wait for mum to leave for work, you know? I don’t think she’d like you knowing your screwing your daughter behind her back…although, I don’t mind if you screw me from behind!”

"Mhhm, fuck sis, I almost forgot how good your throat felt! We can’t let it go this long again. Maybe you can come live with me over the summer and we can spend some nice ‘brother sister’ bonding time.

Go on, milk my cock of all my cum - I want it clean when you’ve finished with it.”

"Hehe„ I think my big brother likes the changes I’ve made to my school uniform, don’t you? Seeing as I don’t have to wear it any more, I didn’t see why I couldn’t come home and change it slightly to make myself more…presentable for my brother - I know how he loves watching his widdle sister after all.

I’ve been craving your cock all day! I’ve not even used a vibrator at all, like you asked. You wouldn’t believe how horny I am! Will my brother help me relieve these pent up feelings? Or is he going to be a mean big brother and keep his sister on ‘masturbation probation’ - after all, a slave has to do what her master tells her.”

"Dammit bro! why did you have to push me into the pool? I told you I wasn’t wearing a bra today! Jesus, it’s cold; and I didn’t bring my jumper or a spare change of clothes.

Maybe I’ll just have to snuggle up to you and share your body warmth until we get home. For being such a mean brother, you’re going to have to help me wash my hair in the shower, okay?

I can’t believe how annyoing boys are - if you just wanted to se my tits, you didn’t have to go and do that! Probably ruined my jeans too… looks like I’ll just gave to go back home in my shirt and panties no thanks to you.”

"Sometimes I can’t believe how naughty and perverted my own brother is! I mean,w anting his sister to flash him for taking her to a friends house. I said I would though - just don’t tell anyone, okay? I don’t want guys thinking I’ll flash them if they ask…well, aside from you, but you’re my brother, so that’s different."

"This is a pretty good dorm bro, looks like you got lucky - mine sucks so badly, roomie is so messy and can’t ever shut up. Still can’t believe they don’t give co-ed dorms, even for brothers and sisters.”

"Hey, is your dorm-mate in? How about we have a little fun? I mean, we’re going to have to be more careful than back at home - looks like I’ll just have to use my dildo a lot more I guess… What do you say we get one those make-your-own dildo and use your cock as a cast? At least then I’ll be able to feel my brothers cock whenever I want. Why not get a few? I could cast my pussy and tits for you? Nobody would know whos they belonged to, and will let us havve some fun until we get the change to fuck again in our dorms."

"Mhmm, your cum tastes so good big brother! And so much too! I couldn’t even swallow it all. Do you have a tissue or something? I can’t make my tongue reach that far down my chin.”

"Oh, I’m just texting Robbie - seems like he’ll not be coming over tonight. Sometimes I thin I should just break up with him, you know? Never around when I need to talk to him - not even that good a fuck.

I bet you’d be so much better than he ever is. Haha, don’t worry - I’ve seen you look down my top all the time, you think I walk around braless for no reason? Silly little brother.

Do you want to help me get back at Robbie then? Not that I doubt he’ll even notice that I’ve fucked some other guy. Even still, it’ll be nice to feel a cock in my pussy again.”

"I see big brother likes my new swimming costume quite a bit, don’t you?

Wel - look all you want, still glad nobody else is here, maybe it means we can actually have some fun right here. It’s no fun having to hide in bushes to get a nice fucking. Maybe they wont even know we’re related?

Come on, I can see you’re already hard enough - what do you say? Just a quick little fuck to keep me going until we can find somewhere better? Pleaaaaase - I’ll even do your laundry for a month! We probably wont get another chance like this to be on a beach without mum or dad hounding us.”

"See, isn’t he so cute? Looks just like his daddy. When do you think we should tell people that he’s yours, and not Marks? I don’t think people will be all too happy to hear that little Jennie fucked her brother and has his baby? Not that I care - I mean, this little angel is the most beautiful boy in the world. Maybe if we have a girl next, we can teach them that keeping it in the family isn’t as bad as people say."