Incest Captions

This is a tumblr for images that have incest captions either added into the image, or added to the caption on tumblr.

All the people in images are assumed to be eighteen years of age at time that the photograph was taken. If you disagree with any of the images, contact me and I can take it down.

These captioned images are all fiction, and incestcaptions.tumblr does NOT condone incest relationships in real life with anyone bar two consenting adults.

I try hard to find good quality images to use. If you have found an image that you think could work, want to submit your own, or anything of that nature, feel free to send it to me. Please make sure you are eighteen or over if you do send me images of yourself.

"Mrrrph?" Sophie finally awoke - a little confused; her jaw and shoulders felt sore. Trying to close her mouth, she finally felt the ballgag in her mouth and her eyes widened. "Mrrmrp!"

Moving her arms to push herself up, they seemed to hit an inivisible barrier. Looking up; the white ropes attached securley to her wrists told her why her shoulders had been hurting; sleeping in such an unusual possition would do that to you. It only occured to her now that she was naked. She sure as hell hadn’t been naked when she had gone to sleep.


None of the mutated sounds she could make seemed to be drawing anyone elses attention. Completly naked; tied pretty much spread-eagle to a bed, with a gag in her mouth, Sophie had no idea what the hell she was going to do, and so far hadn’t calmed down enough to think about such things.

A few footsteps came from outside before the door was pushed open. “Ah. Sophie! You’re awake!”

Her fathers voice made her look to the newcomer instantly - and it was indeed her father. Her eyes looked towards him pleedingly, hoping that he would get her out of this situation; her mind not even stopping to think that her dad could see every inch of her young body. She began growing concerned when her father didn’t step forward and untie her; but walked calmly towards her.

"Mrrphy! Mrrrphmrr mr! Plrrgh!"

"Calm down Sophie, calm down! Stop wrorying to much!"

Sophie’s mind continued to try and work out why her father wasn’t untying her - and why his hand was travelling towards his trousers.

"I’ve noticed you’ve been growing into a very find young woman Sophie…" His hands reached the waistband of his trousers, and began undoing the buttons. "…and I felt that having such a young, attractive, firm…" his hand had undone two of the buttons and was on the third. "…body…I mean, woman…around, could be put to better use."

His hand reached his trousers, and pulled his cock out of his boxers.

"Hehe daddy! Don’t you knock anymore? Come in then, quick before mummy sees you - you know what she’d say if she caught you walking in on me changing!

What do you think of this top? I’m going out with some friends and… You’re already horny? Alright, you can have a blowjob - only one though, after that you’ll just have to jerk yourself off; but be quiet about it! Okay?”

"Daaad! Have you taken the photo yet? People are starting to stare… Just take your holiday photo and lets get out of here! This is really embarrasing! I can’t believe I let you talk me into this… I don’t mind stripping off in the country, but there weren’t as many people there!

If we go back now, I’ll give you a blowjob back in the car - and even swallow if you wont ask me to get my tits out in the city again!”

"Heya daddy! I figured with mummy gone for a few days, and my brother at a friends house, we could have a little fun of our own. It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to do anything - I know you’ve been wanting to as well; after all, the cum on my used panties didn’t appear by itself, hehe.

I hope mummy leaves more often - I can’t believe she wouldn’t want to fuck you as much as I do. Frigid bitch. Anyway, I decided to buy some new lingerie for tonight to make up for lost time. What do you think?”

"Heya daddy! I’m all dressed for school, like you said I should be! Are you going to drive me today, or do I have to take the school bus?

You know I like you driving me - you get to see much more interesting stuff, and do stuff you aren’t allowed to! Pretty please! I’ll be a good girl! I wont even tell mummy if you do; no matter what happens if we do - it’ll be our little secret. Hehe.”

"That’s good hun, now just swallow all of daddy’s cum and we can move onto an even better treat for you!"

"Well, are you going to wash my back like you said you would bro? You take so long to odo what you say you’re going to do sometimes I think you only come into the bathroom to see me naked. I doubt you do though, you know I let you come in when I’m changing, or even if I’m having a bit of fun with myself… I’ve seen you getting honry when you watch me as well…

How about I let you wash my front this time too?”

"Okay dad, this is the last time I’m getting my tits out while we’re outside, okay? I don’t know when the next car will come, and I dont want some creepy guy staring at them. I’ll go topless if you want when we get home, so you better get your fill right now. Got it?"

"See, I told you daddy! No bra! Just like you asked me - now why didn’t you want me to wear a bra or panties on this trip? And why didn’t mummy come either?"

"So daddy, what do you think of the prom dress I picked out, it’s not too revealing is it?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let any guys fuck me - you’re the only one who gets to do that! I just like to tease the other guys a little…hehe!”